About Us

Needham Risk Management was established in 2003 and our highly experienced and competent staff have over 20 years experience providing safety, health, environmental, industrial hygiene and risk management services to a wide range of public and private sector employers. Needham Risk Management and it’s environmental solutions network is one of the largest environmental, health and safety consulting groups in New York’s Capital Region.

Introduction to Needham Risk Management School Health and Safety Management Services


Needham Risk Management offers a broad spectrum of industry-specific services to better serve our clients:

» General Industry

» Industrial Hygiene

» Environmental

» Emergency Response

» Human Resource Consulting

» Training,including First Aid/AED/CPR/Narcan

» Current Training Schedule

Our goal is to assist organizations in creating and maintaining safer work environments for all of their employees.  We offer basic and advanced services which are customized to your specific


Threat Assessment for Schools

Needham Risk Management is capable of providing an array of Threat Assessment services to New York State School Districts.

Threat Assessment is a systematic process designed to identify students who are struggling or present a concern to the school community and provide them with support and problem-solving solutions. Threat assessment presents a fact-based, community-first approach to dealing with potential acts of violence and aims to help potential offenders overcome the underlying sources of their problems before they commit an act of violence. Needham Risk Management has the ability to provide education, training to counselors and administrators, forms to assist in the standardization of programs, and procedures to schools who require assistance.

After School Safety Procedures

This video is designed to accompany participating school’s building use safety process. Visitors to school buildings after bus dismissal should follow the emergency protocols described in his video along with postings within the school building.